Makhtoumgholi Feraghi opinions and thoughts, theory of symbolism , an excerpt from Dowlat Mohammad Azadi

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi opinions and thoughts, theory of symbolism, an excerpt from Dowlat Mohammad Azadi

encyclopedia of Islamic philosophers’ theories

First volume

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi publishing company

Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad Badraghnezhad

Translation: beauty of God is due to its intimacy and virtues.

First Explanation:
Any human who reaches to the virtue of truthfulness, will hear a sound within that sound is God.

Second Explanation:
Great mystics believe that living things each is a symbol of the names of God. In other words, all living things are symbol of God.

Third Explanation:
Great mystics believe that truthfulness hidden in God is shown in the universe, therefore the universe is brief and is extract of symbols of God.

Fourth Explanation:
Human in them includes all truth from God himself.

Fifth Explanation:
God has created humans simple and honorable. However, gathered all greatness of the world in him.

Sixths Explanation:
God told human that you are my mirror, house and settlement and invisible treasure of my secrets

Seventh Explanation:
Ebne Arabi states in Fousousol hakam that the truth of the characteristics of God can appear for any one to the most which is all related to the truthfulness of him.

Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of prosperity

Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of prosperity

Encyclopedia of Islamic World Mystics’ Theories

Second Volume

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Co.

Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad Badraghnezhad

a person with bad intentions will not cause or have a bad ritual.
A good person won’t commit a wrong doing and a bad person won’t commit a good one as well.
In secularity there is no prosperity and virtue and good practice is prosperity.

Word Sad/Set means ritual
Word Oghoul in translation means son and in this poem is an irony for good action.

First Explanation:
Prosperity is the result of human’s actions.

Second Explanation:
Great mystics believe that prosperity and happiness is associated with spiritual issues in the next world and taking use of divine blessings of the lord.

Third Explanation:
Ebne Arabi associates prosperity of each person to his knowledge and understanding.

Fourth Explanation:
Prosperity of all living things is related to the perception of the greatness of the lord.

Fifth Explanation:
God is all virtue and gracefulness any person who serves him right will be prosperous and any person who turns away and astray from him will have a loss, that is the main prosperity which is leaving lust and serving God.

Sixths Explanation:
Avicenna said that humans won’t be prosperous other than following wisdom.

Seventh Explanation:
God is only after virtue and made existence by his existence and gave virtuousness to all living things.

Eights Explanation:
Since all living things are sunk in virtuousness sea any of them will be prosperous the more he is near god.



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Makhtoumgholi Feraghi opinions and thoughts, theory of manifestation

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi opinions and thoughts, theory of manifestation

encyclopedia of Islamic philosophers’ theories, second volume, Makhtoumgholi Feraghi publishing company.

The most important idea is the light that is the reason for lucidity and is the reason of the illumination of the world.

Translation: “God” due to his grace and mercifulness illuminates the living things.

First Explanation:

Creation of the world is because of the manifestation of God who created everything.

Second Explanation:

Unless the beholder is captivated by God, he won’t perceive what he sees.

Third Explanation:

Khajeh Abdollah Ansari: Manifestation of God is a sparkle when illuminated, the lover will be disabled by its glory of the lucidity. Such Manifestation is a sudden affair but can be seen by the heart within and the more manifestation, the more effectiveness.

Fourth Explanation:

Any beauty deserves a gracefulness. And behind any curtain of gracefulness there is beauty. Beauty is required by God and he deserves it. Beauty is the manifestation of God.

Fifth Explanation:  

God has given its beauty to every living thing. And looked at any living thing with love of beauty.

Sixth Explanation:

Great mystics stated that they see the God by the eye of him.

Seventh Explanation:  

Great mystics even associate their beholding to beholding of the God.

Eighths Explanation:

All beings are described as divine treasures throughout the universe.

Nineth Explanation:

The world is all because of God’s presence, it is a right that is manifested in the presence of all possibilities. And all possible things do not have a presence due to they are a sign of God, however are not completely detached from it-God.

Tenth Explanation:

The universe is created since it is the divine manifestation of God.


Eleventh Explanation:

“God who is manifested in anything that thing must be obedient and submissive,” God said. Anything omnipresent will remember God as holy and divine entity.

Twelfths Explanation:

The universe won’t have an end to it and will not be complete other than that with manifestation of God, hence there will be an updated science.


1.Almojamolsophie, Sadolhakim, Professor of Lebanon Mythic University.

  1. Mystic Encyclopedia, Seyed Jafar Sajadi, Mystic & Philosophy Professor of University of Tehran


Philosophical opinions and thoughts, western philosophers, Thales Miletus, Archeh Theory (Initial substance, theory of the very beginning)

Philosophical opinions and thoughts, western philosophers, Thales Miletus, Archeh Theory (Initial substance, theory of the very beginning)

The most important theory is water. Everything was water at first. There was nothing other than water on the earth.

First Explanation:

The most important part of this theory is the sole theory for realization of the world. Thales knows the root of this world as water and the tradition of paying attention to the source of the world (arche) which is incipient for everything, therefore it is a chemical theory for meteorology and globalization. It was alleged by Thales that everything was water at first, a belief that could be derived from some eastern beliefs.

Second Explanation:

From the viewpoint of theological and Islamic philosophers the world is all made from light. Based on scientific findings of modern era in the first step and at 800 million degrees centigrade of heat the Hydrogen gas has been be formed, subsequently at 500 million degrees Oxygen has been formed in the nature and theses two elements caused the formation of water in the world. Also, in Islamic thoughts every living thing is made of water.

Third Explanation:

Based on the initial creation, the creation of all living things is not unconditional.

Fourth Explanation:

On the strength of theological mathematics whenever and wherever there is a scintilla of presence of God, there also will be creation. As a result, we will have formula dx=x+c

Fifth Explanation:

Each creation receives its creation from God.

Sixth Explanation:

Creation was not specified in a particular time and is associated with the presence of the lord.

Seventh Explanation:

God said that he is the one that creates and gives facial expression to living things and deserves this this very gracious name of own.

Eighth’s Explanation:

Ibne Arabi states that creation is not from nothingness, however it is coming from scientific being into a concrete one and God is the sole creator of all.


Nineth Explanation:

Creation is a righteous deed of the lord.


Tenth Explanation:

God created everything and created it in the right amount.


Eleventh Explanation:

A central and interrelated thoughts between theological philosophy and truth of monotheistic religions is that there is no contradiction between them and are all united.


Twelfth Explanation:  

Any manifestation and creation in the universe follow the theological theories and is constant.


Thirteenth Explanation:

For preventing assertion of this fact by scientists that philosophy is dead and based on the theory of Arche, the DNA theory is stated and if this theory is proved, scientists will create creatures with the body of animal and head of humans. Also, they transplant the kidneys of pigs to humans and form hands of humans in the body of pigs. According to the theological and Islamic philosophy there is no impossibility for human being.


Fourteenth Explanation:

In accordance with philosophers anything made in the world is because of the decree of God and is associated with the righteousness of the deed of the lord.



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4. Philosophical Schools of Thoughts, from medivial to this date, Translated by Parviz Babaei




Continuous Energetic World

Islamic world academy of physics
Theories and opinions of Islamic physicists
Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Institute
author: Mohammad AbdolSamad Badraghnejhad

Continuous Energetic World

The most fundamental theory in this respect is connected with all things available in the world and limited amount of energy which is continuous and parallel with the theory of existence, therefore there will be no entity irrelevant with the globe, as a result a world with different rules is impossible and won’t exist.
If the function F on R is continuous, the denominator must be constantly zero.

First explanation: According to the theory of thread and the latest findings of scientists of western Europe academy of soviet and U.S. science in novel physics there is no volume zero even the most emptied space is a sea of energy.
It’s worth mentioning that in theory one, the first theory of Islamic world, small units do not get to zero and there is no number between 1 and 0, but there are lots of numbers less than a unit.

Fundamental theories of continuous energy world

First theory:
Empty space is not known inside the globe.

Second theory:

Absolute maximum and minimum has no meaning in the world.

If the function has no roots x² +ax+1=0
A<0   =>  A²-4<0    ===>    A²<4
[a]<2   ==>   -2<a<2

Theory of eternal creator and permanent manifestation of humans

Theory of eternal creator and permanent manifestation of humans

Opinions and thoughts of Ebne Arabi,

Encyclopedia of Islamic philosophers’ theories

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi publishing institute

author: Samad Badraghnejhad

The main theory in this respect is the manifestation of humankind, hence based on this perspective it is always physically and mentally inviolable to destruction.

First explanation:
God has given perfection to humans to see himself. Perfection here means existence. It means the existence and creation that has all characteristics of God.

Second explanation:
Then the fact of human is a mirror with which he can see himself in it and is shown with it.

Third explanation:
In humans there are two aspects one: the world and second: righteousness of God.

Fourth explanation:
Appearance of human is associated with the creation of God and his inner soul is God-given as well.

Fifth explanation:
Human is a symbol of existence and righteousness of God.

Sixth explanation:
Any moment at which human is manifested with the divine names of God, he is symbol of the righteousness of the lord and any moment that is represented with feasible truth is symbol of creation.

Seventh explanation:
Human is the all-inclusive truth of the world and the truth of God, consequently developed its facial expression from the truth in the world and the inner face with the characteristics of God.

Eight’s explanation:
The human has a minor mass compared with the mass of the world, however is the total truthfulness of the world.

1. Almojamolsofi, Author: Professor Sa’adolhakim, Lebanon University Philosophy Professor
2. Fosousolhakam, Author: Sheikholakbar Mohioldin Ebne Arabi, Translator: Mohammad Khajouy



Philosophical opinions and theories of Islamic philosophers/ theory of beauty

Philosophical opinions and theories of Islamic philosophers, theory of beauty

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi publishing institute. Author: Mohammad Abdosamad Badraghnejad,

The most fundamental theory in this respect is associated with all philosophers and scientists who behold beauty in everything and the sea of truth is flowing from their wisdom, also recognition is beautiful for them and anybody and any person who knew the truth of God knows the beauty.
First explanation: Any person who is constantly at serving God can see the real beauty of God.

Second explanation: Beauty is a reason for the power and wisdom and everything is because of the science and power of him.

Third explanation: The belief in unseen is like beholding the beauty of the God.

Fourth explanation: The world is illuminated with the light of him and whatever seen is due to the presence of God.

Fifth explanation: Anything from the sky to stars are about him. (God)

Sixth: Beauty is a wisdom which must be heard from the lord.

Seventh Explanation: Beauty is a world-like sound and awareness for the public for contemplating in divine beauty.

Eighth explanation: Beauty is a divine matter which is derived from beauty itself.

Ninth explanation: Beauty is a divine concept adored by all philosophers and mystics which is an inborn, inherent and visceral element.


Opinions and thoughts of Khaje Shamseldin Mohammad Hafez Shirazi, Theory of love about creation of the world,

Opinions and thoughts of Khaje Shamseldin Mohammad Hafez Shirazi, Theory of love about creation of the world,

encyclopedia of Islamic Mystics’ theories, 2nd volume,

published by Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Company,

Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad (Smad) Badraghnejad

Theory of love;

By the radiance of your goodness manifested in eternity (God)
Thy Love appeared and set fire to the whole world in its entirety (Hafez Poem)

First explanation, Hafez Shirazi known as poet of the mystic tones, believed that the revelation of the world by God is made by love. Great Mystics believes that the whole world is associated with the appearance and presence of God almighty, appearance and reality is him, known and unknown is related to him. Elsewhere it is mentioned that God due to being a God, approves of his servants’ serving.

Second explanation; manifestation means arising, God is pure virtuousness, theory of pure virtuousness, he originates from pure virtu and pure virtue will be derived from pure virtue, love and affection, viewpoint of God towards the world has been creation, but God’s name has been called as something immaculate and is a perpetual term as the creation is pure and no fault has been found in creation.

Third explanation; the world is filled with the sea of existence and it has movement in it because of the love of God, the movement is by the heat inside and the very source of it is the globe, beloved and lover is him, love of him is an interface for perfection, although there are no barriers between lover and beloved. The gist of this statement conveys that the love comes from an existence of a perfection that is a ubiquitous factor recapitulated repeatedly by the poets in the world.



Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of Mohammadieh’s Truth,

Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of Mohammadieh’s Truth,

,Prophet Muhammad Revelation, Encyclopedia of Mystic Theories of Islamic World, Volume II,

published by Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Company,

Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad (Samad) Badraghnejad

The First verse translation: The first verse implies the fall of Adam and descension of Quran is accompanied by best regards and blessings, it is said to Noah that you should descend on the earth with regards and blessings that we provided for you, Hud Sura -a chapter of holy Quran-, verse 48.

The second verse translation: Jesus is the eternal prophecy, special prophecy of prophet Mohammad by the time of prophet Muhammad’s first revelation, the second part of this verse above refers to speech of Moses with God, mystics said that “you appeared and you are not unknown to any person who is beholder unless that person does not know you.”
Last verse refers to the connection of the universe with Muhammadieh’s Truth, Prophet Muhammad’s revelation in Islam, that he is the origin of creation of the world because there has been a light that God created everything with that and this was the first stage of divine revelation which was a reality and truth from this perspective.
First explanation, Muhammadieh’s Truth and revelation is the manifestation of creation which represents God.
Second explanation, Muhammadieh’s revelation and truth is the end of man’s evolution and perfection and that is the perfection for all humans.

Third explanation, Rasollalah, prophet Muhammad has been the first appearance in existence.

Fourth explanation, existence is totally originating from prophet Muhammad’s revelation and Quranic revelation and creation is caused by him.

Fifth explanation: Poet Sa’adi regarding the Muhammadieh’s truth and revelation said “You prophet Muhammad are the origin of existence; other issues are sundry and inconsiderable so that the real existence is you Muhammad.

Sixth explanation, the beginning of all inspiration for prophets is Muhammad’s revelation.

Seventh explanation, hence for Prophet Muhammad anything other than pureness and virtuousness is irrelevant
God told Muhammad to tell humans that if they like the lord they shall follow his-Muhammad’s- footsteps so that God likes them in return.

1.Fosusol hakam, Sheikh Akbar Moheyedin, Ebn Arabi
2. Almojam Sufi, Professor Saadat Alhakim, Lebanon’s Mysticism Professor
3. Mystics’ Expressions, Ebne Arabi, Professor Golbabayeh Saeidi, Mysticism Professor in University of Tehran

Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, theory of Hejdah Hezar Alam-18 thousand- world

Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, theory of Hejdah Hezar Alam-18 thousand- world

Encyclopedia of Mystic Theories of Islamic World, Volume II,
published by Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Company,
Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad (Samad) Badraghnejad

God made Hejdah Hezar Alam, 18 thousand-world, Seven Heavens, and for acceptance and revelation the existence requires the blessing of God.

First explanation, predecessors said that we have eighteen existences, 1. Absolute Existence 2, Extra Essence 3 Atlas sky 4, Constant Constellation 5. Saturn 6. Jupiter 7. Venus 8. The Sun 9. Mars 10. Mercury 11. the Moon 12. Wind 13. Fire 14. Water 15. Soil 16. Solid body 17. Plants 18. Animals (three elements) and amongst Arabs thousand is the ultimate number which for excellence each is called one thousand so that we have 18 thousand-world. Some people consider theses 18 worlds as 1. Absolute Wisdom 2. Absolute Ego 3. Nine Skies 4. Four main elements 5. Or three main elements (solid bodies, plants, animals) that are another statement by scientists.

Second explanation, Haya means eternal that is one of the names of God.

Third explanation, amongst ancient Turk’s figure 9 is a divine number and 18 is twice as much.

Fourth explanation, Hejdah Hezar Alam-18 thousand world- is related to the divine appearance of God and made everywhere lit as the moon and made existence from nothingness.

Fifth explanation, Hejdah Hezar Alam-18 thousand world- is the manifestation of God and mystics know it as a logical term that is representative of oneness of God if look at it from perspective of appearance and shape but if you look at it from perspective of spirit and truthfulness it is multiple.

Sixth explanation, based on figures theory of numbers there will be infinite worlds but visiting that is not possible for an external visitor.

Seventh explanation, based on the theory of consistency, the whole universe forms a total one.

1.Masnavi Explanation, Abdolbaghi, Golpinarli, Translator; Professor Tofigh Sobhani
2. Golshan Raz Sheikh Mahmud Shabestari