Continuous Energetic World

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author: Mohammad AbdolSamad Badraghnejhad

Continuous Energetic World

The most fundamental theory in this respect is connected with all things available in the world and limited amount of energy which is continuous and parallel with the theory of existence, therefore there will be no entity irrelevant with the globe, as a result a world with different rules is impossible and won’t exist.
If the function F on R is continuous, the denominator must be constantly zero.

First explanation: According to the theory of thread and the latest findings of scientists of western Europe academy of soviet and U.S. science in novel physics there is no volume zero even the most emptied space is a sea of energy.
It’s worth mentioning that in theory one, the first theory of Islamic world, small units do not get to zero and there is no number between 1 and 0, but there are lots of numbers less than a unit.

Fundamental theories of continuous energy world

First theory:
Empty space is not known inside the globe.

Second theory:

Absolute maximum and minimum has no meaning in the world.

If the function has no roots x² +ax+1=0
A<0   =>  A²-4<0    ===>    A²<4
[a]<2   ==>   -2<a<2

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