Theory of eternal creator and permanent manifestation of humans

Theory of eternal creator and permanent manifestation of humans

Opinions and thoughts of Ebne Arabi,

Encyclopedia of Islamic philosophers’ theories

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi publishing institute

author: Samad Badraghnejhad

The main theory in this respect is the manifestation of humankind, hence based on this perspective it is always physically and mentally inviolable to destruction.

First explanation:
God has given perfection to humans to see himself. Perfection here means existence. It means the existence and creation that has all characteristics of God.

Second explanation:
Then the fact of human is a mirror with which he can see himself in it and is shown with it.

Third explanation:
In humans there are two aspects one: the world and second: righteousness of God.

Fourth explanation:
Appearance of human is associated with the creation of God and his inner soul is God-given as well.

Fifth explanation:
Human is a symbol of existence and righteousness of God.

Sixth explanation:
Any moment at which human is manifested with the divine names of God, he is symbol of the righteousness of the lord and any moment that is represented with feasible truth is symbol of creation.

Seventh explanation:
Human is the all-inclusive truth of the world and the truth of God, consequently developed its facial expression from the truth in the world and the inner face with the characteristics of God.

Eight’s explanation:
The human has a minor mass compared with the mass of the world, however is the total truthfulness of the world.

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2. Fosousolhakam, Author: Sheikholakbar Mohioldin Ebne Arabi, Translator: Mohammad Khajouy



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