Philosophical opinions and theories of Islamic philosophers/ theory of beauty

Philosophical opinions and theories of Islamic philosophers, theory of beauty

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi publishing institute. Author: Mohammad Abdosamad Badraghnejad,

The most fundamental theory in this respect is associated with all philosophers and scientists who behold beauty in everything and the sea of truth is flowing from their wisdom, also recognition is beautiful for them and anybody and any person who knew the truth of God knows the beauty.
First explanation: Any person who is constantly at serving God can see the real beauty of God.

Second explanation: Beauty is a reason for the power and wisdom and everything is because of the science and power of him.

Third explanation: The belief in unseen is like beholding the beauty of the God.

Fourth explanation: The world is illuminated with the light of him and whatever seen is due to the presence of God.

Fifth explanation: Anything from the sky to stars are about him. (God)

Sixth: Beauty is a wisdom which must be heard from the lord.

Seventh Explanation: Beauty is a world-like sound and awareness for the public for contemplating in divine beauty.

Eighth explanation: Beauty is a divine matter which is derived from beauty itself.

Ninth explanation: Beauty is a divine concept adored by all philosophers and mystics which is an inborn, inherent and visceral element.


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