Philosophical opinions and thoughts, western philosophers, Thales Miletus, Archeh Theory (Initial substance, theory of the very beginning)

Philosophical opinions and thoughts, western philosophers, Thales Miletus, Archeh Theory (Initial substance, theory of the very beginning)

The most important theory is water. Everything was water at first. There was nothing other than water on the earth.

First Explanation:

The most important part of this theory is the sole theory for realization of the world. Thales knows the root of this world as water and the tradition of paying attention to the source of the world (arche) which is incipient for everything, therefore it is a chemical theory for meteorology and globalization. It was alleged by Thales that everything was water at first, a belief that could be derived from some eastern beliefs.

Second Explanation:

From the viewpoint of theological and Islamic philosophers the world is all made from light. Based on scientific findings of modern era in the first step and at 800 million degrees centigrade of heat the Hydrogen gas has been be formed, subsequently at 500 million degrees Oxygen has been formed in the nature and theses two elements caused the formation of water in the world. Also, in Islamic thoughts every living thing is made of water.

Third Explanation:

Based on the initial creation, the creation of all living things is not unconditional.

Fourth Explanation:

On the strength of theological mathematics whenever and wherever there is a scintilla of presence of God, there also will be creation. As a result, we will have formula dx=x+c

Fifth Explanation:

Each creation receives its creation from God.

Sixth Explanation:

Creation was not specified in a particular time and is associated with the presence of the lord.

Seventh Explanation:

God said that he is the one that creates and gives facial expression to living things and deserves this this very gracious name of own.

Eighth’s Explanation:

Ibne Arabi states that creation is not from nothingness, however it is coming from scientific being into a concrete one and God is the sole creator of all.


Nineth Explanation:

Creation is a righteous deed of the lord.


Tenth Explanation:

God created everything and created it in the right amount.


Eleventh Explanation:

A central and interrelated thoughts between theological philosophy and truth of monotheistic religions is that there is no contradiction between them and are all united.


Twelfth Explanation:  

Any manifestation and creation in the universe follow the theological theories and is constant.


Thirteenth Explanation:

For preventing assertion of this fact by scientists that philosophy is dead and based on the theory of Arche, the DNA theory is stated and if this theory is proved, scientists will create creatures with the body of animal and head of humans. Also, they transplant the kidneys of pigs to humans and form hands of humans in the body of pigs. According to the theological and Islamic philosophy there is no impossibility for human being.


Fourteenth Explanation:

In accordance with philosophers anything made in the world is because of the decree of God and is associated with the righteousness of the deed of the lord.



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