Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of Mohammadieh’s Truth,

Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of Mohammadieh’s Truth,

,Prophet Muhammad Revelation, Encyclopedia of Mystic Theories of Islamic World, Volume II,

published by Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Company,

Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad (Samad) Badraghnejad

The First verse translation: The first verse implies the fall of Adam and descension of Quran is accompanied by best regards and blessings, it is said to Noah that you should descend on the earth with regards and blessings that we provided for you, Hud Sura -a chapter of holy Quran-, verse 48.

The second verse translation: Jesus is the eternal prophecy, special prophecy of prophet Mohammad by the time of prophet Muhammad’s first revelation, the second part of this verse above refers to speech of Moses with God, mystics said that “you appeared and you are not unknown to any person who is beholder unless that person does not know you.”
Last verse refers to the connection of the universe with Muhammadieh’s Truth, Prophet Muhammad’s revelation in Islam, that he is the origin of creation of the world because there has been a light that God created everything with that and this was the first stage of divine revelation which was a reality and truth from this perspective.
First explanation, Muhammadieh’s Truth and revelation is the manifestation of creation which represents God.
Second explanation, Muhammadieh’s revelation and truth is the end of man’s evolution and perfection and that is the perfection for all humans.

Third explanation, Rasollalah, prophet Muhammad has been the first appearance in existence.

Fourth explanation, existence is totally originating from prophet Muhammad’s revelation and Quranic revelation and creation is caused by him.

Fifth explanation: Poet Sa’adi regarding the Muhammadieh’s truth and revelation said “You prophet Muhammad are the origin of existence; other issues are sundry and inconsiderable so that the real existence is you Muhammad.

Sixth explanation, the beginning of all inspiration for prophets is Muhammad’s revelation.

Seventh explanation, hence for Prophet Muhammad anything other than pureness and virtuousness is irrelevant
God told Muhammad to tell humans that if they like the lord they shall follow his-Muhammad’s- footsteps so that God likes them in return.

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