Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of prosperity

Opinions and thoughts of Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Theory of prosperity

Encyclopedia of Islamic World Mystics’ Theories

Second Volume

Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Co.

Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad Badraghnezhad

a person with bad intentions will not cause or have a bad ritual.
A good person won’t commit a wrong doing and a bad person won’t commit a good one as well.
In secularity there is no prosperity and virtue and good practice is prosperity.

Word Sad/Set means ritual
Word Oghoul in translation means son and in this poem is an irony for good action.

First Explanation:
Prosperity is the result of human’s actions.

Second Explanation:
Great mystics believe that prosperity and happiness is associated with spiritual issues in the next world and taking use of divine blessings of the lord.

Third Explanation:
Ebne Arabi associates prosperity of each person to his knowledge and understanding.

Fourth Explanation:
Prosperity of all living things is related to the perception of the greatness of the lord.

Fifth Explanation:
God is all virtue and gracefulness any person who serves him right will be prosperous and any person who turns away and astray from him will have a loss, that is the main prosperity which is leaving lust and serving God.

Sixths Explanation:
Avicenna said that humans won’t be prosperous other than following wisdom.

Seventh Explanation:
God is only after virtue and made existence by his existence and gave virtuousness to all living things.

Eights Explanation:
Since all living things are sunk in virtuousness sea any of them will be prosperous the more he is near god.



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