Has God’s divine revelation and miracle been stopped?

Textbook of analytical Speech, Makhtoumgholi Faraghi Press, author: Mohammad Abdulsamad (Samad) Badraq Nejad,


Has God’s divine revelation and miracle been stopped?

No, the world and everything we see in it was created based on God’s order so miracles are always eternal and we see them every day.


First explanation;

God told prophet Moses (peace be upon him) to throw his cane, he did so and it turned into a furious snake and other such miracles….


Second explanation;

When humans eat a piece of bread and a glass of water, based on the interactions that take place inside the human body, bread and a glass of water makes billions of living organisms, as many as all the particles in the world, in the human body.

According to the first explanation and second, tell me, which miracle is bigger, isn’t the human as a living thing the greatest miracle? Don’t you see God’s miracles every day?


Opinions and thoughts of Hazrat Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi (May Allah be pleased with him) from the perspective, ideas and scientific rules

Opinions and thoughts of Hazrat Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi (May Allah be pleased with him) from the perspective, ideas and scientific rules

Published by Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi


Theory of Infinity, definitions;

Translation, I keep my speech short, the description is much


First Explanation: According to the theory of permutation and infinite letters composition, in divine mathematics, any word has many meanings, millions of books in different languages and ethnic nations are derived from 28 to 32 letters, following various rules and nations’ grammar.


Second Explanation: Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi, in theories and enthusiasms is a philosopher scientist and religious instructor


Third Explanation:  The value of a speech from the viewpoint of Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi equals infinity, and regarding this he states that a good speech is endless.


Fourth explanation: From the viewpoint of pre-Socratic philosophers, as with the thoughtfulness and wisdom has no end to it, therefore in amount is always endless as well.


Fifth Explanation: From the perspective of philosophy what is always present and existing is perpetual and long-lasting in essence, hence sciences are not subject to the element of time.


Sixth Explanation: According to the rules and grammar of nations, the laws of thermodynamics, are not violated and do not change throughout the universe. Consonant sounds such as, A, B, C, D are not used together two times in a row, otherwise they will be meaningless. The reason is that this way they are not compatible with the governing laws and orders in the world. E.g., aa, bb, cc, dd.


Seventh Explanation: In all poems, divine poems of the world, the thermodynamic rules are not violated, that is, one verse is not repeated twice with the same meaning.


Eights Explanation: In informatics-computer science- thermodynamic rules are not violated either. We in the global network of Internet will be able to make infinite web pages but not repeatedly, also in computer pages we can not make two new folders with the same name.



What is one to one (injective)?

What is one to one (injective)?

The function f is one to one (injective) if for each x1, x2 belonging to Df we have one of the conditions below:

This issue is shown from the function diagram that any parallel line to the axis x intersects the function diagram maximum at one point

Piecewise-defined function, injective one

Any piece is one to one and injective in its domain

The diagram of piecewise function will be drawn in the following publishes

When the domain F is the set of R, the equation of the bigger line (The loss caused by Biosphere Destruction for global economy) is vast and ubiquitous as if the total production of a product would put the economy of the world at risk, the domain of equation of the big line in fact is the set of the global economic system and for any amount in X, the quantity in two functions are the same.


Research and Development Expenses and Competition in Similar Professions in the Economy of the Globe

Research and Development Expenses and Competition in Similar Professions in the Economy of the Globe

The expenses of research and development in the market money and capital market of Iran does not reach even to 10 billion tomans. The reason for reduction of the value of the money of Iranian has many reasons that are mentioned in the previous open letters, the proportionality of the double root of the function in this regard is as follows:

  • Iranian merchandises are low-quality and it does not attract Iranians to buy them.
  • Dealers do not have any budget to spend any on rials as currency in the international currency market.


The economy of each country is its identity and the commodities in that country which represents its art. Iranian are not really into art and have no good relationship with knowledge and scientists of their country. So how come can the others be friendly and have intimacy with us.

I have said many times and say it again that the scientist are the main guards of the country.

Theory of Infinite Elasticity and Inelasticity

Theory of Infinite Elasticity and Inelasticity


Equation graphs are not zero altogether, but a straight line. In fact, by finding the coordinates of two points, one can draw the infinite elasticity and inelasticity lines. A, b and c are real numbers in it.

An Open Letter to the Patriotic People and Economists of Iran

An Open Letter to the Patriotic People and Economists of Iran,

Management Decision Theory and Capital Market Approach:

Although the basic financial statements are initially prepared for users outside the for-profit unit, accountants must also provide managers with the information necessary for proper control and decision-making. As investors are interested in cash flow related to dividend distribution in the future, the capital market approach to research management decisions is very interesting and leads to an intellectual revolution in economics and accounting.

Direct and indirect observations show that reported earnings per share and projected earnings per share have a direct effect on stock market prices. Elements of the GDP equation in such circumstances, the correlation between accounting profit and the price of securities and the use of a wide range of information by capital market participants will have immediate effects. In previous letters, I recounted the calculation of the principle of profit and the principle of loss which reduces the possibility of misguidance in the capital market.

The graph of the f-function with domain [0,2] will be drawn in future editions due to technical problems.

Which one is the graph of function y=f(x)+1

Economics , Risk and Uncertainty

Economics , Risk and Uncertainty :

The economic life of the Iranian is full of uncertainty. Islamic countries are divided into global consumer markets in the new world order. Such actions will cause catastrophic losses to consumers and producers. Business units such as petrochemicals, oil and gas energy industries and holding investment companies face fundamental doubts with the exchange of monetary and foreign currency debts with fluctuations of more than 1000% in the continuation of their activities. Under such circumstances, utilitarian dealers move goods from cheap markets to expensive markets spatially and from abundance period to scarcity one. Both forms of reassurance seem to be justified under certain conditions. Audit planning and in case of clarification of the range of catastrophic losses and unexpected costs related to production prices and services in connection with proposing the necessary adjustments and pursuing the necessary deductions, issuing a report with reasonable assurance of any action in a high-risk economy will limit uncertainty.