An Open Letter to the Patriotic People and Economists of Iran

An Open Letter to the Patriotic People and Economists of Iran,

Management Decision Theory and Capital Market Approach:

Although the basic financial statements are initially prepared for users outside the for-profit unit, accountants must also provide managers with the information necessary for proper control and decision-making. As investors are interested in cash flow related to dividend distribution in the future, the capital market approach to research management decisions is very interesting and leads to an intellectual revolution in economics and accounting.

Direct and indirect observations show that reported earnings per share and projected earnings per share have a direct effect on stock market prices. Elements of the GDP equation in such circumstances, the correlation between accounting profit and the price of securities and the use of a wide range of information by capital market participants will have immediate effects. In previous letters, I recounted the calculation of the principle of profit and the principle of loss which reduces the possibility of misguidance in the capital market.

The graph of the f-function with domain [0,2] will be drawn in future editions due to technical problems.

Which one is the graph of function y=f(x)+1

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