Economics , Risk and Uncertainty

Economics , Risk and Uncertainty :

The economic life of the Iranian is full of uncertainty. Islamic countries are divided into global consumer markets in the new world order. Such actions will cause catastrophic losses to consumers and producers. Business units such as petrochemicals, oil and gas energy industries and holding investment companies face fundamental doubts with the exchange of monetary and foreign currency debts with fluctuations of more than 1000% in the continuation of their activities. Under such circumstances, utilitarian dealers move goods from cheap markets to expensive markets spatially and from abundance period to scarcity one. Both forms of reassurance seem to be justified under certain conditions. Audit planning and in case of clarification of the range of catastrophic losses and unexpected costs related to production prices and services in connection with proposing the necessary adjustments and pursuing the necessary deductions, issuing a report with reasonable assurance of any action in a high-risk economy will limit uncertainty.


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