Has God’s divine revelation and miracle been stopped?

Textbook of analytical Speech, Makhtoumgholi Faraghi Press, author: Mohammad Abdulsamad (Samad) Badraq Nejad,


Has God’s divine revelation and miracle been stopped?

No, the world and everything we see in it was created based on God’s order so miracles are always eternal and we see them every day.


First explanation;

God told prophet Moses (peace be upon him) to throw his cane, he did so and it turned into a furious snake and other such miracles….


Second explanation;

When humans eat a piece of bread and a glass of water, based on the interactions that take place inside the human body, bread and a glass of water makes billions of living organisms, as many as all the particles in the world, in the human body.

According to the first explanation and second, tell me, which miracle is bigger, isn’t the human as a living thing the greatest miracle? Don’t you see God’s miracles every day?


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