Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of United Reasoning

Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of United Reasoning

(Mathematical Wisdom, Unity of Reasoning)

Makhtumaghli Faraghi Publications

Author: Mohammad Abdul Samad (Samad) Badraq Nejad.

(Project: human, world, mathematics)

World, earth, nature

Based upon the facts of physics, light is divided into various colors.


When a person eats and drink food or water, what he has drunk and eaten is refined into billions of living organisms, even food in the human body causes heat and energy.


In mathematics, numbers are divided, for example, number 12 is divided into numbers 3, 6, and 1.

 First explanation

Scientists believe that the future of science depends on the connection with mathematics.

Second explanation;

From the point of view of medicine and chemistry, food is converted into heat in the human body, so heat is part of the energy received of food.

Third explanation;

Western European scientists believe that when you measure what you’re talking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it, but when you can’t measure it, when you can’t express it in numbers, your knowledge IS insignificant and small which is unacceptable.

Fourth explanation

According to the Islamic divine philosophers, everything returns to its origin, and Islamic scholars call it the law of regression (which means return), so every number is divided into number 1, we will reach number 1, number 1 is the origin of all numbers, and the theory of the logical expansion of numbers are related to 1.

 Fifth explanation

The great mystic of the Islamic world, Fakhr al-Din Iraqi, known as Bahr Ajam, has a beautiful piece of saying in connection with the philosophical principle of rejat (meaning return) has this theme in connection with waters, he says that the sea breathes called steam, it condenses, it gathers clouds, it recedes and let the rain fall into the same sea. source: Leamat, 3rd Lame.


Sixth explanation

Our goal in the Cultural Foundation of the Theory of Convergence of Civilizations is to deliver outstanding scientists to the country of Iran, the Islamic world, and the world of science, but unfortunately in Iran scientists even knowledge enterprise companies migrate to Western Europe and America. They even accuse Mr. Samad Badraq Nejad of madness and insanity, notwithstanding the fact that no awakened conscience in Iran and the Islamic world condemns such facts.


Seventh explanation

Chemistry scientists spent a lot of time analyzing and synthesizing chemical substances to find out how they combine and what they form, such a great scientific movement by scientists lead to production of many herbal and industrial medicines during centuries, and it has saved the lives of millions of people.

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