Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of Oneness of resoning (mathematical wisdom, oneness of reason)

Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of Oneness of resoning (mathematical wisdom, oneness of reason);

Makhtumaghli Faraghi Publications;

Author: Mohammad Abdul Samad (Samad) Badraq Nejad:

(Man, world, mathematics project)

world, earth, nature

From the viewpoint of physics, both positions and speeds cannot be accurately measured, but the future can be predicted.


From the point of view of medical science, it is not possible to tell and treat the cause of all diseases and the treatment of the disease accurately, each disease has its own organ, but we can predict and say with confidence that there will be various diseases with many types at any time.


In number theory, it is not possible to say the exact amount of unit and smaller than unit numbers, but it can be predicted surely that the numbers are expanding due to the property of infinite extensibility.

First explanation;

Philosophically, there is uncertainty, but the existence of uncertainty is certain in the globe.

Second explanation;

In every science, all scientific laws and theories are conspicuous, this issue is a complementary aspect of all concepts.

Third explanation

According to Islamic divine philosophers, all sciences are spread throughout the world, there is the latest science in everything which is even generalized to particles.

Fourth explanation

In the ultimate analysis, humans, the world, mathematics follow the same rules, there is no duality in the whole world and this fact will be a cosmic standpoint.

Fifth explanation

Philosophers, mathematicians and doctors in medical science deal with integrated and interrelated concepts.

Sixth explanation

All sciences are formed and developed by the same laws.


Seventh explanation;

If someone claims that I don’t know anything about science, it should be said that he is totally exposed to knowledge and learning, but if someone says that he is done with science, it should be said that he will be among the first to be considered as an ignorant. This is the case in the divine mathematics and analytical and philosophical thinking of united reasoning which is called the scope of action.

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