Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of Unity of Reasoning (mathematical wisdom, oneness of reasoning);

Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of Unity of Reasoning (mathematical wisdom, oneness of reasoning);

Makhtumaghli Faraghi Publications;

Author: Mohammad Abdul Samad (Samad) Badraq Nejad;

(Project: Man, world, mathematics);

world, the earth, nature

From the point of view of physics, a certain process does not happen repeatedly, the earth does not revolve around the sun at a constant surface speed.



When a person, both male and female, suffers from Bell’s syndrome, as a result of this disease, the seventh nerve of the brain is damaged, therefore the facial muscles become paralyzed. However, scientist can improve the conditions a little by prescription of medicine, but the process of regrowth of facial nerves will not happen like before, but will be heterogeneous.


In number theory, each number occurs only once, for example, number 3 is defined once in the order of numbers, hence there won’t be two 3s there concurrently.

First explanation;

According to Islamic divine philosophers, the principle of non-repetition is the main consistent nature and identity of all the sciences of the world.

Second explanation;

According to the great mystics, the situation of the present time will not be seen again.

Third explanation;

According to the pre-Socratic philosophers, what exists is only one, not many.

Fourth explanation;

All facts have unity with each other in the world.

Fifth explanation;

According to pre-Socratic philosophers, there is no multiplicity in universe. If there was duality, the world would end soon.

Sixth explanation;

According to the great mystics of the Islamic world, God is not represented in two forms at once.

Seventh explanation;

By stating the analytical and philosophical thinking of unity of reasoning to discover the truth in various subjects, it can be mentioned to the seekers of knowledge in all nations that there is no difference between revelation truth and philosophical truth.

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