Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of United Reasoning

Coursebook of Analytical and Philosophical Thinking of United Reasoning;

Makhtoum Qoli Faraghi Publications, author: Mohammad Abdulsamad (Samad) Badraq Nejad.

(Project: Man, world & mathematics);

The world (the earth, nature);

From the point of view of physics, existing energies do not disappear, in fact they are transformed from one state to another.


The human soul is immortal, and its immortality is a reliable and stable truth accepted as a certainty in all monotheistic religions. Humans won’t perish with their own death, but it will be transferred from one world to another.


In mathematics, numbers are timeless and is not based on that, and they exist and will exist forever. There is no absolute maximum and minimum in numbers. At the maximum, it becomes larger and larger numbers, and in smaller numbers it gets to the infinite smaller positive numbers.

First explanation;

God has created everything that is immortal, everything that exists has its existence from God.

Second explanation;

There is diversity in the world, but the realization of the unity in the globe derives from the connection of things to each other.

Third explanation;

All meanings are immortal and not subject to change.

Fourth explanation;

Energies in nature, spirit and numbers in motion, and all the things we have perception of them are not separate from each other. In other words, they are all created by common laws.

Fifth explanation;

The study of man, the world and mathematics tells us that they all follow the same teachings.

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