The theory of contraction and expansion of the universe

The theory of contraction and expansion of the universe

Academy of Physics of the Islamic World

Theories of Muslim Physicists; Muhammad Abdul Samad (Samad) Badraq Nejad

The theory of contraction and expansion of the universe

Theory 1 has the numbers of the content of all the information in the world, this theory tells us that the universe is getting very big at one scale, and at another one it is getting very small. From viewpoint of mathematics, the universe is like a function that in all intervals is monotonic, so we will have the fact that the world is like ascending and descending functions, and the exact definition is as follows:

1- Definition, suppose f is defined on an interval, it is said that f is ascending on that interval, if and only if for every x1 and x2, in that interval, f(x1)<f(x2), x1<x2

2-Definition, suppose the function f is defined on an interval, f is called descending on this interval, if and only if for every x1 and x2 of this interval f(x1)>f(x2),x1<x2.

If the world is like a function that is in an ascending or descending interval, we say that the function is monotonic on that interval.

First explanation

Theory 1, and numbers are an infinite model with numerical data and observables that guide us to answer the correctness or incorrectness of the fundamental theories of modern physics, the universe will not be a different area from what exists around us.

Second explanation

The theory of contraction and expansion of the universe is not strange and impossible, but I think astronomers should come to terms with this theory. In number theory, we are faced with an infinite larger positive and an infinite smaller positive number, which as much as that we have infinite space.

Third explanation

The theory of contraction and expansion of the universe is not an intuitive theory, but with the testability of theory 1 and numbers it is a theory that can be experienced. In theory 1, the numbers at the infinity of beginning are getting smaller and at the infinity of end are getting bigger. Remember, creation in the existential order itself follows a united method.

Fourth explanation

Each galaxy is a very small member compared to much larger galaxies.

Fifth explanation

According to the latest scientific findings of scientists from Western Europe, America and the Soviet Academy of Sciences, the universe that we see is getting bigger by one light year every year, because the light gets a chance to reach us from a further distance.


Sixth explanation

Theory 1 and numbers tell us the infinity of space is a pattern that even particles follow, scientists came to this conclusion, the space beyond our own observable gate is full of galaxies, stars and planets.

Seventh explanation

Every item that we observe in the universe is invisible compared to the greatness of the universe.

Eighth explanation

Theory 1 and the numbers tell us that the laws and scientific theories governing the universe are unchangeable and participate in the entire universe on the same basis, if it were not so, the world would fall apart. The order in universe is because of the universal governing laws in the globe.

Ninth explanation

If we know theory 1 and numbers, it will help us a lot to understand the characteristics of the complex structure of mathematics, the world and sciences. The connection of the world with mathematical science is fundamental and unavoidable.

Tenth explanation

Theory 1 and numbers is the standard model of the Academy of Physics of the Islamic World, and the candidate for receiving the title of theory of everything. we in the cultural foundation of the theory of the convergence of civilizations, have Theory 1 and numbers in the project (man, world, mathematics) which is the first fundamental project in the world of Islam. This project has been proposed with the inspiration of the verses of the Quran, Islamic mysticism and divine philosophy, and from the scientific point of view, has been operationalized in the country of Iran and the Islamic world. What is important, using the theory 1 and numbers, we have successfully explained philosophy, mysticism, physics, chemistry and medicine and other sciences and this path will not end. When I write these sentences, there are great scientists and great people in Iran, the world of Islam, who translate, compile and teach the latest scientific achievements in all fields. They do, and I am very happy to be a small member of the scientific community of Iran, the world of Islam and the world of science.

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