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Uniting economy, mathematics and accounting

Total supply: total assets Total demand: debts plus shareholders rights 1st definition: economy is a commercial activity and accounting is recording the commercial activity 2nd definition: mathematics is implied in two fundamental relations in economy and accounting sciences  

Solutions to human loss due to damaging the environment

1- Investment of investment companies in the field of global economy with the aim to finance necessary measures through industry rather than eliminating the forests and jungles. Tax exemption for these companies is a must. 2- Tax exemption of companies involved in green industry in global scale 3- Implementation of quotation system for fishing in […]

Economic reforms in Iran

Reforms in Islamic countries in terms of economy are necessary especially in the Middle East including Iran and north of Africa. Definition: in Iran’s south Pars oil and gas field more than 70 to 100 billion dollars are spent while only one billion dollars is allocated to agriculture industry. Despite vast propaganda on oil-free economy, […]

Intrinsic constraint principle

Reducing inflation to zero is an intrinsic constraint for any economic systems. 1st definition: the intrinsic constraint means that the controlling systematic collusion and violation, embezzlement, under action and the prices delusiveness principle in our economic world makes us believe that the price fluctuation is non-controllable 2nd definition: the delusiveness of prices is not defined […]

Today and tomorrow of the Iranian School Economy

In spite of its credit and importance, the economy of Iranian school with its fundamental theories is not paid attention in different scientific gatherings due to political reasons, but it will have an outstanding effect on the university economic growth as well as the function of economy in international policy. Many of the professors of […]

The imbalance principle

The imbalance principle ∆S*∆D≥1 The change in supply x changes in demand …………1 The imbalance principle in Iranian economy school 1- One is a complete number 2- The changes and tolerance in price in market are defined by percent and mathematical coefficient 3- There is always disposable inventory in the market 4- During economic sanctions […]