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2017 US Sanctions on Russia and Iranian Economic Analysis School of Thought

2017 US Sanctions on Russia and Iranian Economic Analysis School of Thought Imposed sanctions on Russia by the US macroeconomic strategical directors for having less loss in progressive global crisis caused different conditions in globally sanctioned economic system with new mathematical equations and the reasons why are as follows: 1. Increase in Russian final production […]

New World Order Theory of Mankind; mankind is for mankind.

New World Order Theory of Mankind; mankind is for mankind. First remark: The message that Islam advertises in the world is not terrorism and war, that is mankind for mankind. Second remark: Islamic Religion for mankind is religion. Third remark: Theory of Unity of Religions; Any person who he is after righteousness and obeys and […]

There are two united global theories …

There are two united global theories, in one united scheme, Theory of Convergence of Civilizations; Samad Badraqnejad, Theory of Dialogue Among Civilizations; Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, civilizations will be formed by science and knowledge and by interactions the “dialogue” will be constructed.

Evolution Theory

Evolution Theory about Theories on Economics Existing economic theories and rules through the experience process and simple experimental systems will be evolved and will create unquestionable relations in economics and are beyond hypothetical theories. First remark: Humans in the past used to have simple method of exchanging and trading of merchandises and benefited a lot […]

Expansion Theory in Iranian Economic School of thought

The thing that I really believe in is that we cannot determine the size and shape of global economy First remark: There are numerous single economies in the market that desire to increase the profit for their own sake and benefits. Second Remark: The economic activities will increase in return for the various demands of […]

Competing theory

Competition in monetary system, that is the resources will be used in an efficient way in the market. First remark: There is an extensive agreement on competition theory that it will result in appearance of optimum methods in production lines. Second remark: In post-industrial era, not only competition can be constructive but destructive as well.

Cycle Theory in Iranian Economic School of Thought

Economic efficiency of a country is related to the expansion of its activities in supply and demands of global economy. This theory has an indispensable and inextricable connection with the global supply and demands for products and services of a country also it’s currency as well.

Consumption-function Theory in Iranian Economic School of Thought

This complicated theory has many usages in economy in a way that the study of the ruling ideology of the country and its role in global equations also the way it has connection with global investment market, the consumption-function has different answers. Remark: Consumption-function in Microeconomics can be defined as a family and in Macroeconomic, […]