Opinions and thoughts of Nizami Ganjavi, theory of Teacher

Opinions and thoughts of Nizami Ganjavi, theory of Teacher

The most important theory here is that the God has gifted the humans with understanding and perception from science and thoughtfulness and guided them with promise of unity.
Some poem lines and stanzas translated from Nizami Ganjavi.

God you the king of all in the universe
We shall only be able to serve
You the only shelter from height and depth
There is no existence other than you deserve
Everything created up and down
You the creator of all and shown
You the only divine learner of all
You drawing pen on the soil in thrall

First Explanation:
The universe is a light that can penetrate the heart of a Muslim with God or with decree from him.

Second Explanation:
The source of science and knowledge is mind and heart, also beware that all knowledge is associated with the divine God.

Third Explanation:
Knowledge and practice are the result of truthfulness of real believers.

Fourth Explanation:
Teacher (God) teaches knowledge and science of learning.

Fifth Explanation:
Composition of the knowledge related to him is based on the perseverance of human being.

Sixth Explanation:
Science without God can’t be learned and can’t be taught.

Seventh Explanation:
God teaches science and practice and exercise of the science.

Eights Explanation:
God has ordered all for piety and afterwards placed teaching based on that.

Nineth Explanation:
Science is moving towards the divinity of God.

Tenth Explanation:
Science is a door and manifestation and presence of a light in humankind.

Eleventh Explanation:
Those who are learnt any can see God and can be seen by him as well.

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