Universal Ethics

Philosophical opinions and thoughts, Islamic philosophy, Universal Ethics

published by Makhtoumgholi Feraghi,

Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad (Samad) Badraghnejad,

the fundamental theory here is the theology of humans’ world history.

First explanation;

God said that any person he who killed a human being, he is exactly like a person who killed the whole universe and if a person saves a life, it exactly means that he saved a world.


Second explanation,

Ethics and humanity are entangled together and this is a message from the side of God and is the same in Torah, Bible and Quran.


Third explanation,

Prophet Mohammad said that he was only inspired for the purpose of ethical and moral virtues preaching.


Fourth explanation,

Anything that is performed by human being derives from the moral virtues. Ebn Arabi said that humans get morals from God and treat other beings with that and God and prophets help him in this path.


Fifth explanation,

Friendship and virtue will be derived by intimacy with God and God makes it.


Sixth explanation,

God said that he would talk with his creatures only through inspiration and hiddenly.


Seventh explanation,

Any divine affair that moves toward the creatures is made out of morals and ethical ideology.


Eighth explanation,

A human that is dressed with beauty of ethical virtues, the divinity will flow from his being.



1. Encyclopedia to philosophical opinions and thoughts, Islamic philosophy, published by Makhtoumgholi Feraghi, Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad (Samad) Badraghnejad.
2. Almojamol Soufi, Author: Professor Sa’adol Hakim, Lebanese Philosophical University Professor.



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