Theory of Supply and Demand and Markets of Goods

Theory of Supply and Demand and Markets of Goods:

In connection with the 3 concepts expressed, how desirable should be the produced goods to be able to influence consumer’s decisions in the market or not, supply and demand in economics has been a quantitative feature and its use in product markets in addition to desirability is a relative concept, providing the product in the market if it needs to be led to useful commercial and economic decisions in this view it depends on the criterion of the theory of value judgments about the product according to the methods of production by suppliers and the diversity of users of the domestic economy and global markets. If mathematical analysis is a linear function passing through points and , what is the criterion X in as a market? The answer is x. This was because exchange values in the market are variable. Satisfaction and contentment largely offset the effect of production costs. The theory of supply and demand and product markets can find a fundamental place among the citizens of a country and the global economy, but will be clearly and logically developed by economists.


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