Theory of Operating Markets

Theory of Operating Markets (Land, Labor, Capital, Income and Distribution):

The Iranian school of economy considers manpower as the foundation of any efficient economic system, and training will determine the optimal use of land and capital for the production of goods and services and their ability to distribute production facilities fairly in the macroeconomic structure of the country and the world to achieve It will enable the national per capita income and the global economy. The reflection of exports in the equation of GDP will determine the grade of the leading scientific centers of each country. In this regard, we present the theory of the organization in the form of a government and a country. D&R of Which sectors have the largest share in the government? The budget for scientific research and development of infrastructure facilities with the defense budget will determine long-term strategies to enter the markets of the global economy. Will investing in the agricultural and green industry help us? Or the sale of military facilities with the theory of the convergence of civilizations in international politics.

Theory of operating markets (land, labor, capital and income and distribution): mathematical analysis, in multi-criteria functions, in addition to each of the country’s economic sectors as criteria in the field of macroeconomics must move towards comprehensive development by method organized programs and programs to earn more money from the global economy given the fundamental relationship between supply and demand for goods and services provided by each economic system to the global economy and achieving credit value pricing in the global market must move in line with the global economy To smile at the taste of global consumer markets in a narrow point of production and macroeconomic services of a country;

The condition of being one to one  fx1=fx2 –> x1=x2

What does function mean? Each line parallel to the y-axis intersects the diagram of a function maximum at one point, which this condition is attached to the appendix diagram.

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