Theory of Infinity, definitions

Opinions and thoughts of Hazrat Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi (May Allah be pleased with him) from the perspective, ideas and scientific rules
Published by Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi

Theory of Infinity, definitions

Translation, I keep my speech short, the description is much


First Explanation: According to the theory of permutation and infinite letters composition, in divine mathematics, any word has many meanings, millions of books in different languages and ethnic nations are derived from 28 to 32 letters, following various rules and nations’ grammar.


Second Explanation: Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi, in theories and enthusiasms is a philosopher scientist and religious instructor

Third Explanation: The value of a speech from the viewpoint of Makhtoum Gholi Feraghi equals infinity, and regarding this he states that a good speech is endless.

Fourth explanation: From the viewpoint of pre-Socratic philosophers, as with the thoughtfulness and wisdom has no end to it, therefore in amount is always endless as well.

Fifth Explanation: From the perspective of philosophy what is always present and existing is perpetual and long-lasting in essence, hence sciences are not subject to the element of time.

Sixth Explanation: According to the rules and grammar of nations, the laws of thermodynamics, are not violated and do not change throughout the universe. Consonant sounds such as, A, B, C, D are not used together two times in a row, otherwise they will be meaningless. The reason is that this way they are not compatible with the governing laws and orders in the world. E.g., aa, bb, cc, dd.

Seventh Explanation: In all poems, divine poems of the world, the thermodynamic rules are not violated, that is, one verse is not repeated twice with the same meaning.

Eights Explanation: In informatics-computer science- thermodynamic rules are not violated either. We in the global network of Internet will be able to make infinite web pages but not repeatedly, also in computer pages we can not make two new folders with the same name.

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