Theories of Islamic physicists, theory of unified energy

Academy of Islamic World Physics

Theories of Islamic physicists, theory of unified energy

Mohammad Abdolsamad (Samad) Badraghnejad

light is the unified energy in the nature.

First explanation, as a matter of fact the source for every known energy is light.

Second explanation, all mechanical energies like sound for transferring to different directions even in the whole world needs electricity.

Third explanation, wind energy is directly influenced by the solar energy. Sunlight shines on seas and oceans and the water will be evaporated and in high latitude due to interactions with cold and heat air mass and air movement the wind energy will be formed.

Fourth explanation, Electricity energy is one of the most known energy resources in the world that is caused by uranium explosion in nuclear reactors, water behind dam turbines, gas power plants and other energy resources.

Fifth explanation, new energies (green industry) have close relation with sunlight.

Sixth explanation, all animals and plants and aquatics for surviving and growth needs the sunlight and heat.

Seventh explanation, gases in the nature will be formed based on the photosynthesis of plants and trees and other growing things on the planet earth.

Eighth explanation, the lightning will be formed based on the positive and negative electric current interactions in dense clouds, therefore the oxygen will be removed and surplus nitrogen energy will be released into the air and consequently the required energy for growth of plants and trees will be provided.

Nineth explanation, all of these sciences are related to the electromagnetic waves and will be the interface between creation and the God.



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