Philosophy of Economics

Philosophy of Economics:

Technology Theory about the Future of Economics from the Perspective of the Iranian School of Economic Thought:

A branch of economics that talks about the past and future of economics, and technology pushes man out of the realm of production and service. I have said it many times and I say it again that technology has blurred the line between imagination and reality. As Western thinkers acknowledge this fact. But in terms of mathematics, the future of economics is twofold and double with science and technology. Advances in science give rise to technology. So, in the functions we will have the values a and b to have:

Infinite Positive

The left and right limits of the function at the point of equals infinite positive and the numerator is positive at this point. So, when x goes to 2, the denominator of the fraction must go to zero with positive values. So, the denominator of the fraction has a double root 2. Then:

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