Opinions and thoughts of Ebn Arabi, theory of Sufi Metaphysics (Unity of Existence)

Opinions and thoughts of Ebn Arabi, theory of Sufi Metaphysics (Unity of Existence), Encyclopedia of Mystic Theories of Islamic World, Volume II, published by Makhtoumgholi Feraghi Publishing Company, Author: Mohammad Abdolsamad (Samad) Badraghnejad


Theory of Sufi Metaphysics (unity of existence); Unity means oneness, existence means God, and the main existences is a divine one of God that is united in essence. God has multiple names and titles. however, there is no quantity unless due to credit and extra titles of God.


First explanation, God is absolute pureness and virtuousness who made all creatures and he himself is like them.


Second explanation, my eyes have not beheld any other than him and my ears have not heard anything other than him (God Almighty).


Third explanation, God in terms of appearance is manifestations of the people but from the viewpoint of pureness and being immaculate is not like people and his creatures.


Fourth explanation; this is his existence which is one and united and nothing is with him.


Fifth explanation; God that is vivid and shown in appearance of all creatures which is because of his unity and objects are all existing because of him.


Sixth explanation; existence of God is permanent and everywhere.


Nothing is other than God which exists and any beholding eyes sees him as present.  I saw things that were unknown but our presence and existence is due to him (God).


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